ok so i was in my maths class and sir came to check if me and this other person had been working then i tried to tell this lame math joke: why was 6 afraid of 7, 789. but i said it wrong i beleive this was how it went exactly:
Me: Hey sir, why was 6 afraid of 8?
Mr W: 789?
Me: *thinks: oml i fucked up* I got the joke wrong didn't I?
Other person: Lol
Mr W: Was it on perpose?
Me: I'm not sure, sir
Mr W: OK, why was 9 afraid of 7?
Me: I dunno
Mr W: 769!
Me: I dont get it.
Mr W: Aw it dont matter just do your work.
Me: K oh wait i should make this a thing and tweet about when i get home #Cri4LameMathsJokes2k15