why you shouldn't stalk/why you don't want to be stalked: it's an invasion of privacy. there are some people in the world who want to keep their life public, and some who want to keep it private.
around 2012, someone close to danisnotonfire was stalked. they were stalked by phandom members to get close to Dan. that stalking led to harassment. this is what stalking can do. then, they later deleted their social media and basically "disappeared" from the world. stalking is a bad thing. it can lead to "things".
[if you were stalked] you don't know who is going to stalk you. it could be anyone. i know that when people are being stalked, they could end up physically hurt(but still alive) or murdered.
you don't want to be stalked. :/

you don't want to be a stalker. it's not cool. it's not going to make you scare off boys. it's the wrong thing. like Snowy said, you'll be in jail.

like this really crappy i cannot explain anything ugh
you can read this

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