Like on the app i can see all the stuff i did from years ago when i loved the game and i'm all "perhaps i should make real movies again like back then" and i'm??? Perhaps i will idk but?????? Honestly MSP was revolutionary for me back then because i had all these stories in my head to tell and i could tell them with movies and now i have stories to tell again and i wanna do it but????? It's costly and that lol and i'd need to find moviestars with the right outfits and that and???? It's a lot of work??? But if i could pull it off??? It might be fun???? Idk???? Frick y'all would anyone even watch a series if i made one again because it has been... years since my last series and i???? Ah what am i even planning or thinking or holy shit idk

Side note y'all watch my short movies on my main UK account so i may be able to afford to do this and pull it off lol k thank bye