Walking home is actually pretty fun considering that you get to talk with friends and stuff. ONE STORY:

So there was me,Marcus,Ally,someone that I will call Mason,and someone I will call Jacob.

So Jacob was walking his bike behind us (we're not allowed to ride bikes on school grounds) and he was yelling "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY",so Marcus and Mason decided to argue with him. I can't remember exactly what happened (because this was on Friday and Marcus,Mason and Jacob walk different ways than Ally and I after we leave school grounds) but there was some argument about a mickey mouse backpack and a big head. Eventually, Marcus,Ally,Mason and I decided to move to the grass to avoid a fight. Then Jacob decides to move to the grass WHILE RIDING HIS BIKE to follow us. The apparently Jacob ran over Marcus's foot and Marcus kicked over his bike (that was after we went different routes so idk)

So anyways.That happened.