This is what I love about my wiki friends (in no particular order). If you're not listed and want to be, feel free to let me know!

I was going to do this on MSP Wiki, but I was too worried about following policies.

MSPCPMH: She's always there for me and loves to talk, do fun stuff, and be random with me. She's a really sweet, caring, and loyal friend. She's my bestay!

DinoBunnies: They're always willing to help me, and is really, really, really funny. She also indirectly and unpurposefully gave me the idea to make this blog post :D

Extrateejestrial: They're really, really, really nice, sweet, caring, and kind, and is the best older sister ever. She is also fun to talk to. Whether she likes it or not, she gives me most of my ideas :p

SnowGem: They're super smart and funny, and is always willing to help me. They understand me 100% of the time. Conversations with them are almost always enjoyable, even when they piss me off. They are an amaaaaaazing and very caring friend.

3x Gallexii 3x: She is soooo sweet and makes me really happy. We have a lot in common. She's an awesome friend!

PetStarPlanet: She's very smart, knowledgeable when it comes to MSP (I may or may not be jealous), and kind.

Itten: She's SUPER funny, oml. She's also very random, and fun to talk to when she's not spamming. Did I mention that she's funny?

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