1. The fact that 2006 was 10 years ago. (And, in case you don't know, that was the year when Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest. The first and only time so far when Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest!)
  2. The fact that the halfway between 2006 and present day.... is 2011!
  3. The fact that the 12-year-olds were born in 2003 or 2004.
  4. The fact that everyone in Finnish comprehensive schools was born in the 2000s.
  5. The fact that nearly everyone on MovieStarPlanet was born in the 2000s.
  6. The fact that people born in 2009 go to school.
  7. The fact that people actually grow up with Skylanders, that reboot (with ugly redesigns) that was made when I was 13!
  8. The fact that I've been on MSP for more than 1/4 of my life. (1/3 next year.)
  9. The fact that my new MSP accounts already have the Diamond Stage in the MSP Veteran Award.
  10. The fact that my new MSP account, Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog, has existed for more than a half of my time on MSP.
  11. The fact that I was already shocked that a person born in 2004 turned 8, and that was 4 years ago.
  12. The fact that 2010 is closer to 2006 than the present day.
  13. The fact that it's not the early 2010s anymore.
  14. The fact that every moment after this is in the future when I'm even older than now. And then, if I reread this, I'll just feel like... "this was (insert number here) years ago and these facts already made me feel old... look how old I feel now"
  15. The fact that the day Gangnam Style was made is closer to the date of birth of the youngest person who goes to school than the date it is today.
  16. The fact that Skylanders: Swap Force is closer to the first Skylanders game than the game that is coming out this year.
  17. The fact that Spyro hasn't been in a game title for 5 years and the gap between Dawn of the Dragon (2008) and Spyro's Adventure (2011) felt like a very long time.
  18. The fact that there haven't been any Sonic games (excluding mobile, Boom and crossovers) for nearly 3 years now.
  19. The fact that the release Sonic Generations was less than halfway of my time as a Sonic fan.
  20. Seriously... the fact that it's closer to 2020 than 2010!
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