Hello! I'm Starru/Eclipsa. Here's a little bit of info on me, although you can find more on the page titled "Eclipsa'ns Bio".









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Facts About Me :)

I have a dog named Willow and a cat named Smoki.

My very first wiki was the Movistarplanet Wiki.

My previous usernames were GreenQueen1287, SnowySilver, and EclipsaButterfly.

I love vocaloid.

My favorite musicals are Hamilton, Heathers, Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins.

My favorite TV show is Danny Phantom.

My favorite Kpop group is Red Velvet.

My favorite Danganronpa characters are Aoi, Chihiro, Mondo, Kyoko, Akane, Chiaki, Maki, Kaito, Angie. and Kokichi.

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