aka Samantha/Rapunza

Bureaucrat Professional Meeper
  • I live in the periodic table.
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is singer/songwriter.
  • I am begging you to subscribe to my YT channel, Samantha Clayman, heh.



Friends before fame!

Let me introduce myself: I'm all smiles.
-He Is We

If you're reading this, I'd really appreciate if you'd subscribe to my YouTube channel. TYSM!!!

Heyyy! My name is Samantha, though I'd prefer if you called me Rapunza, or Punza for short. My username was initially RapunzafanMSP; however, my admiration for Rachel Platten inspired me to change it to Plattenum.

Active Accounts

  • MovieStarPlanet(US): Rapunza #1 fan
    • On other servers, I'm under either the same username or "Plattenum".
  • YouTube: Samantha Clayman
  • Kik: RapunzafanMSP
  • Line Play: RachelPlattenum
  • Spotify: Rainy9
  • QuizUp: SamanthaTheSinger
  • Words With Friends: SamanthaSingz
  • Scratch: RapunzafanMSP (home), MusicalElsaTAS (school)

About Me


I'm a very shy and introverted girl in real life, but online I can easily be myself and am very outgoing. Once you get to know me, you will find I can be quite stubborn, have a very strong opinion, am not afraid to speak my mind, and am very devoted when passionate about something. I hate being in the center of attention, and I often isolate myself from others. I try to act friendly and kind toward others, as I'm very bubbly and caring. I'm also a very sensitive person, and it's not hard to make me cry or feel scared, but if you try to make me mad, I will usually just laugh. I try my best to avoid conflict and will often respond passively when something problematic comes up. I love to have fun and be silly, but I can be helpful and reliable if needed. I'm a very curious (and forgetful) person and tend to ask a lot of questions.

You're not famous right now because everyone is too blind to realize how good you are. -My friend Traci

You've got the power, and you've got the talent, you just need the confidence. -My music teacher

If it's not perfect, it's not worth it. -Me

Things I'm Good At

  • Being bubbly and friendly
  • Grammar
  • Daydreaming
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Spelling
  • Typing

Things I'm Bad At

  • Building/putting things together
  • Drawing or anything artistic
  • Maintaining friendships
  • Making decisions
  • Public speaking or anything involving talking
  • Remembering things
  • Running or anything athletic

My Phobias

  • Aichmophobia
  • Acarophobia
  • Agoraphobia
  • Allodoxaphobia
  • Anthropophobia
  • Arachnophobia
  • Athazagoraphobia
  • Atychiphobia
  • Atelophobia
  • Belonephobia
  • Cnidophobia
  • Cynophobia
  • Dedicophobia
  • Doxophobia
  • Entomophobia
  • Glossophobia
  • Kakorrhaphiophobia
  • Laliophobia
  • Melissophobia
  • Neophobia
  • Pnigophobia
  • Psellismophobia
  • Social Phobia
  • Sociophobia
  • Spheksophobia
  • Thanatophobia
  • Thantophobia
  • Trypanophobia

My Favorites

Favorite actress: Anna Kendrick, Dove Cameron
Favorite animal: Kitties
Favorite app: Choices, Episode
Favorite board game: Chess
Favorite book: Too many to list
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite computer game: MovieStarPlanet
Favorite day of the week: Monday
Favorite food: Donuts, pasta
Favorite genre of book: Mystery, realistic fiction
Favorite genre of music: Pop
Favorite human trait: Honesty
Favorite/lucky number: 13
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite musical artist: Rachel Platten
Favorite name: Rachel
Favorite song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Favorite sport to play: Softball
Favorite sport to watch: Gymnastics
Favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite TV show: Glee
Favorite word: Giggly

Fangirls don't keep calm!


Want to fangirl? Here are some awesome things to fangirl about!

  • Alessia Cara
  • Anna Kendrick
  • Daya
  • Donuts
  • Dove Cameron
  • Frozen
  • Glee
  • Lea Michele
  • Pentatonix
  • Rachel Platten
  • Her
  • Her
  • Him

My Favorite Pages

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