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  • I live in idol hell
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is club penguin dancing
  • I am vampire
  • Bio i’ll never forget the day shaggy walked on set and announced he had killed god
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Hello! I'm the founder of this lovely place, send all of your thanks to me through message wall.

Gundham tanaka dabs on the haters


Miku dab gif YES QUEEN

Random notes because why not~

Luka ok perfect lit af fam 👌 thing
  • Joined Club Penguin on October 16, 2011 (First puffle, Yealda, was bought on October 17)
  • First PopularMMOs video was Red Lucky Block Race
  • First danisnotonfire video was The Top Dan Memes of 2015
  • First AmazingPhil video was I Killed My Houseplant
  • First Baylee Jae video was le Cheap Art Supply Challenge
  • Okay, uhm | Okay, uhm 2 | Okay, uhm 3
  • Frozen School
  • The Frozen Show
  • My Favorite Ship IS A Friendship
  • Australia accounts are: SuperGirlyyGamer and PopularMMØs
  • ES server is Spookay
  • Pat and Jen are adorable in "Most Overpowered Block"
  • DanTDM Hunger Games is when "OPness" started

Moviestarplanet US Accounts

Hatsune miku pinky promise t pose
  • Taylor Swift1717
  • or die!
  • Yøu Løve I
  • M C R !!!!
  • Bluest Moviestar
  • Greenest Moviestar
  • Blackest Moviestar
  • Pinkest Moviestar
  • Panicc! But Not At The Disco
  • Rapunza #21 Fan (Don't kill me)
  • Rapunza Artbooks
  • Ivy Vega367
  • Club Penguin1717
  • Itz A Party
  • Nearly A Witch
  • TayIs2Fab5U
  • and remember that Zac is MINE
  • We Are Not Number One
  • remember that Tay is very fab I messed up
  • and remember that Tay is fab
  • You are not yet friends.
  • and be home before dinner
  • Guys Like Us In Prison Cri
  • Sabrina! Malføy!
  • Tay! Tay!
  • spøøkay
  • encouraged cooperation
  • Kayayday Akamatsu
  • Tay Dude
  • lolxdhixd
  • wikiyas
  • dress up 667
  • ya cool bob
  • hehehe ya
  • bnha good
  • aa new album
  • 555designer
  • fun yasss
  • super super funny
  • champion fob
  • nico nico noob
  • i nico nico neeeeeeeed you
  • fob wyd
  • hold me tight or dont is cool
  • listnenin to mania

Misa being fabulous
i love her
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