aka GloryBax

Bureaucrat Professional Meeper
  • I live in UK
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Loki Stan
  • I am Doom

(Nonbinary) Lunarian Gender/Girlflux Demi-toricromantic (nblm) Ace Apothisexual

a hero Meependale... Has.

Someone: Loki is a terrible person who has done terrible things.
Absol: You don't have all the facts.
Someone: Which are?
Absol: I love him.

Person: What are you?
Absol: A Lombax.
Person: No I mean your gender.
Absol: It varies from moment to moment.
Person: No. What were you boRN WITH??
Absol: Glorious purpose.

Person: Absol, what is your name?
Absol: Absol.
Person: No, like your real name.
Absol: I just told you.
Person: I mean the name your parENTS GAVE YOU-
Absol: Dead.
Person: ... Uhm.



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