I had a dream about Tomodachi Life again. So, in the dream, I was currently already editing an episode but decided to check the game anyway. I had previously created at least 4 new characters that aren't actually in my game. I don't remember much about them except that one was a squirrel that was the original mascot of the Finnish ice hockey team (not actually true). Anyway, when I was playing, I noticed that there was a love problem. I quickly set up my filming setup (yes, this sentence sounds weird, but I don't know how else to explain it) and started to film. 2 of new Miis got into a relationship. However, my filming setup crashed and it didn't film properly or something. Then I noticed that there was another love problem, this time with Alex. I also noticed that Snow and Alex somehow had a home even though I had never done the proposal thing. However, my filming was failing so much that I decided to just ignore the problem and leave.

(There were also some non-Tomodachi Life parts, such as a part involving ice skating and a part that was somehow connected to Back to the Future but I don't remember how.)