• What exactly are you supposed to do with the Las Vegas needles/yarn balls/scarves?

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    • you can use those to upgrade items.

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    • How do I do that???

      Also, how do I un-pin users? Because I accidentally pressed pin instead of send friend request for two users.

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    • you can use those items only to upgrade the items you've won with the slot machines. by doing so, go onto a slot machine, tap in the top left corner, and tap collection. then you can click on the items that can be upgraded. (i think it's only for the ones in the 3x3 box.) but you need to have a certain amount to upgrade them.

      press down on a user to un-pin or delete users. it'll say smth like if you want to un-pin them.

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    • you can upgrade collection items in las vegas

      just go to either spin (the cat or demon or fairy) and see if you have enough of the needles/yarns/scarves and any additional items.

      to un-pin users, go to the pinned users section in "Friends" and just hold the person's name. it should give you the option to unpin.

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    • Thank you!!!

      I'm just going to use this thread for all my questions, because I have literally no idea what I'm doing.

      Are the official avatars real people?

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    • What does the "UP!" thing beside usernames in my friends list mean?

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    • they recently logged in updated their look and/or diary.

      a few of the official avatars are: celebrities like ASTRO and Tommy are real, but barely update.

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    • A FANDOM user
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