This is what happens when you leave Emily and Sabrina alone in a line, standing up, bored, and waiting during PE.

This is only one example of a variation of it.

Hermione=Sabrina Ron=Emily Ginny=Sabrina Harry=Emily

Hermione: Honestly Ron, will you ever stop eating? Your best friend is missing!

Ron, chewing:Mmmph

Hermione: //punch

Ron: //Slap

//Hermione and Ron get out wands

Ron:Crucio! (Doesnt work)

Hermione and Ron at literally same time: AVADA KEDAVRA

//both die //Ginny and Harry walk in, Draco walks up to them

Ginny: Where are Hermione and Ron?

//Many people step on H & Ron

//Draco points to floor

Harry: Honestly, Malfoy! What'd you do to them?

Draco: Nothing Potter, I promise. They killed each other.

Ginny: Honestly Draco, Stop lying!

Harry: Stop lying!!!!!!

Ginny: My poor brother is dead. Revive them Draco!!!!

Draco: Revivio! (Idk if this is a real spell)

//Ron and Hermione sit up

Harry: Hermione! Ron! What happened!

Hermione: Ron tried to kill me!

Ron: I am not Ron... I AM PETER PETIGREW!!!

//Peter fires random Avada Kedavra at some kid

Ginny: Go away Peter!

Peter: But... I am not Peter. I AM LORD VOLDEMORT!!!!!!!!!

Voldemort: AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!!!

//casts spell everywhere

//Randomly disappears

Harry: If that's Voldemort, then where's Ron??


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Fall Out Boy is worse
twenty | one | pilots is worse
PVRIS is worse
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