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I wanna start off by saying that being an asexual in the Loki fandom is difficult enough because both he and Tom Hiddleston are hypersexualized and it is so hard to avoid. I kinda hate it. Meh.

Anyway here is my struggle:
I found a fic that has a cool concept and I wanna read about this concept!! Yeah!! I start reading and get invested in the story when a few chapters in the story just dissolves and it becomes nothing but smut.
.... why... do writers do this.....
Like!! I understand one or two smut scenes because like.. relationship development!! But ditching the story just to write smut is... supper annoying.
ESPECIALLY if the concept for the story was good enough to stand on it's own without the smut.
Also the chapter of the story that had the more graphic descriptions of smut... wasn't... tagged... with the smut tag... so... that's cool just... don't tag appropriately... nice...

I now need to wash my brain out with bleach to remove that mental image.

"That's... That's in my brain... now..." - Thor