ET will be dancing with another man obsessing over their man:

Snow will be all <333 w/Alex since he'll finally be free: (Snow is also Alex deprived bc he's been very, very busy.)

Bee will be all hype about taking over the campaign...but then ditch it for anime in 10 minutes:
//needs second image, but lazy.

Rapunza will be waiting for someone to join chat:

And Tay will just keep being like:

Tap isn't here because she's dead she's not friends with my new account and I'm lazy. Same goes for Itten except the difference is that she's on another server (she's kinda inactive on meep though so w/e). Annd, G3 isn't here because I didn't really know how to tie her into the story and couldn't even guarantee she'd be half active.
I probably shouldn't even bother, but obviously Paige isn't here because she's not active on meep at all. Lol.

I need to go the f to bed.

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