Actually, my update is this:
I got way too busy, had some issues with surgery (nothing major, but I had more "extreme downtime" than I had expected) and then I just...couldn't be bothered to deal with MSP wiki stuff and since then/last time I checked in on here in general I've just been incredibly busy. I occasionally get a moment to see friends, properly spend time with Alex, or fucking play fortnite, but it's really not often. I tend to be "planning" how I'll be spending that time days in advance and...well, when I don't...tbh, fuck, I just don't remember to come here. It's not a matter of not caring, I just always have too much else going on.

Anyway, I have some extra...extra minutes, actually a lot of extra time today and someone sent me some minecraft thing and I haven't played since Sheependale, realized that, and I thought I'd check in.

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