Lol, no, but fr...Absol and I were just talking about like our friendship history and then my weird gender history and they mentioned how they found some old posts that used female pronouns for me, and so I went back to the old staff blog posts (idk why I thought they'd be there...obviously they'd mostly be on my wall) and found two of my earliest staff blog posts had this in it:

"We have "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" on most of our infoboxes, this is an issue because we base that off the gender of the moviestar. Some moviestars may want to date the same gender and it's unfair to assume their sexual orientation.
I realize some of you may not be in full support of different types of sexual orientations, but like with other things your personal opinion doesn't belong on the wiki page."


"This update would include two new categories, Female and Male. They'd work just like the other categories. However, do note that the gender would be based on the avatar's gender. So, if the moviestar is a female using a male avatar the category on that page will be male."

^Why would I have even though of that. 😂

I admittedly didn't actually know my sexual orientation at the time, though. Or gender...obviously. POINT IS, cleaaaarly something was off.

I like the title of this page more than the content.

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