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Right so Christmas is coming up and my contract for my phone renews so I'm getting a new phone for Christmas. Last time I had a new phone I was a Hiro stan and my mum made me a custom case with my favourite picture of Hiro on it right. I nearly cried when i had it, it was beautiful and it's real beat up now but it's done it's job of protecting my phone for 2 years and I'm proud.

This year I am a Dan stan again and I told her that Bastille is my main fandom currently and she turned around and said "But you don't listen to them you listen to Aviators!!!"
As if... That's... a valid reason... to not let me have a Bastille phone case....
I don't listen to them much because it kinda sorta triggers a depressive episode??? Because Wild World makes me think of college and I don't like that place, my brain associates college with bad things.
I know I have been listening to Dystopian Fiction for over two months but World Gone Mad has come out now and I haven't listened to anything else since????
...... also recently because I know I can trigger depressive episodes by listening to Bastille's music, I've just been stanning them as people.... I love Dan with all my damn heart ffs y'all know this.

So mum doesn't get it once again and I'm tired of having to explain shit like this to her I just want to tell her something without her turning around and going "but you can't because you do this".
SERIOUSLY how is stanning another musician valid enough reason not to get me a Bastille phone case for Christmas I really wanna know why she thinks that ://