So, last night I actually had a dream about an Undertale AU. But as usual in dreams, there were some incosistencies. But here are the details I remember:

  • The AU was called Underswap (yes, the same as the already existing popular AU). And I actually discovered the AU by somehow entering US!Asgore's page and finding out about the added character, Minotaur.
  • That's right, the Minotaur (as in the mythical creature) appeared as the Ruins boss. He was also the one kept blocking the Ruins' exit and the reason why nobody could enter or exit. It was said that nobody had managed to defeat the Minotaur before and the only reason why Frisk/Chara (it was never actually directly said who the protagonist was as far as I remember) could defeat him was because of their determination abilities. There was no proof of it being possible to spare the Minotaur.
  • Asgore was still in Toriel's role (just not as the boss). He also appeared at a point in supposedly Hotland, either in Muffet's role or in an added role.
  • Sans, Papyrus and Undyne all appeared in this AU's version of Snowdin, but it was unclear who was in which role. Papyrus was wearing the same outfit as normal Papyrus while Sans was wearing a slightly different outfit. And I have no idea what kind of outfit Undyne was wearing.
  • Asgore and someone (Sans, if I remember correctly) talked to each other, similarly to how Sans and Toriel did in normal Undertale. The reason why they couldn't meet face to face was because the Minotaur was blocking the entry/exit.
  • The AU's version of Hotland (or at least the part where you meet Muffet in Undertale) was a kind of building setting, possibly school (oddly enough, a genocide route in Undertale had a similar setting in one of my previous dreams).
  • Toriel appeared in the bulding version of Hotland around the same place as Asgore. She was wearing a different outfit but I forgot what it was. She was later replaced with my actual real-life mother.
  • Olaf (yes, the snowman from Frozen) appeared in the dream but he appeared to be melting. He supposedly appeared in the role of Oaken (even though Oaken is from Frozen, not Undertale).
  • My sister and her friend were running a shop near the area where Toriel/my mom and Asgore were. My sister's friend wanted my mom (this was already after the change) to enter the shop but my mom refused to come because the friend mispronounced her name. Olaf was somehow associated with my sister and her friend.