My dream today had several things happening in it. None of them were Meependale related but I'm telling them anyway.

  • One of the things was about this weird beach(?). I don't really remember much about it except that there was a small house with children in it. Each child was in a room that either had a window or didn't have a window. All of them seemed to be pretty satisfied by what they had.
  • There was also a part where someone had made a video of the Egg Dealer battle in Lava Shelter. But some parts of the intro cutscene were cut out and the only part that was kept was Omega shooting Eggman (that part wasn't even in the original cutscene). Also, Shadow's quote "You're going straight to hell." (that's actually in the intro cutscene) was instead said by Eggman during the battle.
  • Then there was a part where it was said that people who are nearly 20 should not miss out on opportunities to have fun with people of their age (this was directed at me). So I decided to go on a ship with people who went to high school in the same year as me (they actually went to a ship in February this year but I decided not to go). So, we were waiting for the ship to come and I was almost at the front (there was only one person in front of me and one person next to me). The ship then came and the one person in front of me lead everyone in. The ship was called SS Titanic and I was like "Hopefully it doesn't sink".
  • Then there was a part where we, for some reason, had to divide our summer cottage area into different areas but it didn't really go that well.
  • There was also a part where I started playing Madagascar (and actual Xbox game based on the movie of the same name) and almost 100% completed it.
  • There was also a part where my subscriber count had gone down to 127 but also a part where it had gone up to 190.
  • And finally, there was a part where BRRGames had a "Tomodachi Life" playlist. I watched the first episode, which featured one of the people from the Skylanders Fan Wiki (forgot who). The video was actually Skylanders but of course I didn't notice this inconsistency in the dream. It was a part where he played as Terrafin and was in some sort of cinema or something with other Skylanders (including another Terrafin, Bowser and Donkey Kong). It was also possible to knock the other Skylanders off the thing and BRR ended up accidentally knocking off some but also knocking off some on purpose.