But it doesn't have my location (no, I'm not referring to Meependale) in it. And besides, why is the location even needed to determine your personality (especially since it's not included in the actual game)?

I'll just choose Massachusetts since that's where Scratch is located and I have a Scratch account (flawless logic 10/10).

I mean I don't want to lie but I have to in order to complete the test since it doesn't have an "other" option and "Please choose..." isn't an acceptable choice so...

okay, wikia is saying i can't comment for some reason, so pretend this is a comment.

i took the test and got independent artist (that's also what i got when i made myself on my own game, but easygoing dreamer is accurate too. you don't have to change it, but i think might be a new personality type that nobody has yet in your game.) -tay