Here's what I think happened, but this is probably the complete opposite of what really happened.
So, one day I saw someone wearing a Tyler stressed out outfit. i thought that was fantastic. a few weeks later, i made my own outfit. and i decided to post the fairly local lyrics on the forums.... because why not??? and lots of people friended me. i like to think that people started to NOTICE ME AND ADD ME AND SAY MY OUTFIT WAS FABULOUS. so now i've seen tons of people wearing tøp outfits... and i saw someone posting the Car Radio lyrics.... Let's just pretend I started a trend, because it's fun to fantasize. I really need to stop this.

tbh none of this probably happened lolol

they just came up with the idea and now they are going to go tell their friends that they started the trend

i will probably cringe at this meep as soon as I publish it...
i am so cringey.

and it's probably even more cringey because i keep calling myself cringey.