oh my gid guys do u know how excited i am? um maybe i am so excited i cant spell god, (lol) but i got the letter from school on friday morning telling me what options i got for year 10 and 11 and i got what i wanted! I got drama and media studies. (and yes punza u already know this because i put it on instagram.(and sorry if my answer in the comments made no sense if it didn't like put it on my message wall so i can explain properly) ) and yeah thats why i am excited! cos like this has been stressing me out for awhile, cos i was worrying about getting photography and spanish, because tbh everyone said photography is shit and i dislike spanish tbh but it would be good to have another language but i kept most of my spanish books and there r things such as dictionaries and i dont think spain is my temperature because i struggle with the heat here and like sometimes it is like not hot over here and like spain is so much hotter than here but ik america is hot too but i think i could cope over there without going near the deserts. anyway off topic, i cant wait to get my drama gcse and my media studies gcse!