So, obviously I'm Designer TayTay and I call stuff fabulous. I've actually been doing this for a long time though, and I found a thread where we were using the word "fabulous" a lottttt, so here Also, I skipped the parts that weren't fabulous:

Me: I KNEW it was you! From what you've said on msp, i figured it out. or was i magic again?.... DUN DUNNN DUNNNNNNNN! you look fab Samantha.
Tap:This wiki is weird. lololololol
DB: this wiki is fab o u o Listen DB, I'm the only one who can call stuff fabulous.
Me:DINOBUNNIES! YOU COPY ME! X-O (IF THIS WERE MSP) I said fab FIRST! dinobunnies im telling (jk O.O)?????
DB: i change it

this wiki is faboo c;

End of conversation. Lol. So, I've been calling stuff fabulous for a really long time. It was destiny to become Designer TayTay.