So I'm officially trying to go back to college on a games art course, and I'm excited! I had my interview yesterday and have been offered a place on the conditions that I gather extra crap, which shouldn't be too difficult.

I really want to mention though that I spoke to him about my name and gender and the first thing he asked when I said I'm nonbinary was "What are your pronouns?" And I swear I could have cried from relief, I was so nervous about bringing it up. He made a note of my name and my pronouns on my form and I just. Aaaaaa. Very happy about that.

Services to confirm they can support my needs (autism, depression, anxiety, hypermobile joints and strained nerve) and fingers crossed the support will make the course easier to cope with. Apparently a high percentage of the games art students are also on the spectrum too, and that's very comforting for me to know that it's a common field for people like me to go into.

I have to make a choice though, about maths. Do I go for it and try and get a pass, or will I be unable to cope with the workload? But also it might benefit me to have a break from the art to focus on something else for a bit, you know? Until things fell apart at my old college that worked pretty well for me. Idk lol, I'll have to think about it.

So yeah that's what's going on with me, lol.