We're all kinda wikia and MSP with that not included:
Absol is:

  • A BH6/Hiro fangirl.
  • A Miraculous/Chat Noir fangirl.
  • An MLP fangirl.
  • A JC3 fangirl.
  • A lot of other shit/minor things.

Itten is:

  • An MLP fangirl.
  • An MC fangirl.
  • A JC3 fangirl.
  • Also a lot of other shit.

DBee is:

  • An anime fangirl.
  • A Dan/Phil fangirl.
  • A band fangirl.

ET is:

  • A KPop fangirl

Tay is:

  • A Harry Potter/Draco fangirl.
  • An MC and MC youtuber fangirl.
  • A Princess Ivy fangirl.
  • Maze Runner fangirl.
  • A Percy Jackson fangirl.
  • A hunger games fangirl.
  • A Pat/Jen fangirl.

Tap is:

  • An anime fangirl.
  • Whatever else you are now.

Rapunza is:

  • A Rachel Platten fangirl.
  • A Frozen/Elsa fangirl.

G3 is:

  • A BH6/Tadashi fangirl.
  • Probably something else we don't know about.

PSP is:

  • A Harry Potter fangirl.
  • A Sonic fangirl.
  • A Spyro/Skylanders fangirl.
  • A Mario fangirl.
  • An Undertale fangirl.
  • A Star Wars semi-fangirl (yes, that's a thing).
  • A Rise of the Brave Tangled (Frozen) Dragons fangirl.
  • A Once Upon a Time fangirl.
  • Other fandoms.
  • Some YouTubers that I'm not bothered to list fangirl.
  • An Illuminati fangirl.
  • A Tomodachi Life/Miitopia fangirl.

Snow is:

...Just a guy.

Funny how that works out. Smh.