a private one for mark- let me shut up before this gets creepy

seriously, i'm going to start dance lessons with pinky lol- well pinky is going to teach me k-pop choreos because she's super good at dancing (she used to take classical indian dance lessons since she was 8 so k-pop is a piece of cake for her)

i'm average weight, but for some reason i still think i need to lose weight/don't have skinny legs. my shape is like twice's jihyo (who's 5'3 too), but idk man??? 

besides, dancing DOES seem fun. i need something to do other than making gifs on photoshop when my parents are at work.

who knows- maybe i can be the next member of twice if i get really good !!!! or even better!! i can join SM Entertainment, join SM's next girl group and be the Amber of the group (i can't do that aegyo stuff man) !!! I WILL BE ABLE TO MEET MARK OPPAR TOO AND GET HIM IN A DATING SCANDAL! !1!!3 STAN ET CHINGUS!3!!!!!  (friend in Korean) #LeadDancerETforSM


i'm being sarcastic as hell about that last paragraph. i'm lucky if i actually keep up with dancing for a week. i will try though starting with probably the easiest choreo ever: Twice's Cheer Up.