setting: high school library
background: Cairo (nickname) and I were filling out her college applications as she's taking her good damn time doing so and the two of us are easily distracted by hot celebrities (or in my case, cute trainees)

Me: *reading the questions the application* Cairo, have you been in any honor rolls? Cairo: no. we both know that- you know, i really wonder what goes on in your head.
Me: *snorts* hey it was just a question!
Cairo: no-nono darling- *notices me struggling to grab a pen to stab her with* seriously, i really wonder what goes on in your damn head. Wait- I know what goes on! there's an imaginary k-pop boy band performing in your head. you're squealing and dancing and saying "yaaas my boys!" then your favorite boy does a sexy dance for you and pinches your cheek while doing so. but this is all going on in your head, yet you start dying and become breathless. you're flopping up and down, but at the same time you are writing on tumblr "I love my boys 😍" and texting pinky about the boy and hot you think he is on that stupid ass lime app of yours.
Me: *is choking on a sour patch kid from laughing*

yeah that was probably the most accurate thing i've heard about my life ever.