Rapunza gets my Disney movie collection (I have over 40 of them- still missing some like Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio, Treasure Planet waaah, The Sword and the Stone, and The Black Cauldron), my SAT prep books, and a free K-POP lady of your choice (I can make arrangements).

Tay gets my authentic Harry Potter book collection, handmade bracelet that features the covers of the books (will provide picture if you need it), and DVD set. I'd give you Suga but he's too grumpy.

DBee gets all four of my Tumblr accounts and an authentic J-Hope (I still owe BTS's asses so feel free to have your own man in your home)

Paige can have any stuff I get from Comic Con this year (there's a good chance my sister and I can actually go this year lol)

Tap can have my Mystic Messenger account once I unlock all of the members.

PSP can have my original Sonic the Hedgehog comics that I used to create back in eight grade. they're 2/10 but the drawing style wasn't THAT bad i think?????