ok ok this is important.

i'm doing a bet between you guys. i bet this:

I will not talk, let alone flirt or date, to a boy in my college or during my first semester. The same will continue next semester. I will not grab any relatively cute guy's attention here at all and will stay alone until my senior year.

this will happen, but yk i wanna bet.

if i win, you all owe me.

idk what yet, but you owe me.

i'll update this in December first and later in June and maybe in like 3-4 more years.

prepare your souls for me, okay?

if i lose at any point, you guys can have my MSP account, a billion graphics, one of my blogs, an album, or my Harry Potter stuff.

update: if i win, you all have to give me detailed drawings of the edevane kids- well you can choose either first or second gen. it can be in any art style, but if you draw it lazy i will cry.