i have no clue if anyone cares, but i'll just tell you because why not.

this was a really long dream, so i've forgotten a lot of it, especially the beginning. though, i do know that it had something to do with some of my irl friends and my brother in a van in a parking lot. we were going on a road trip. it was a very large parking lot, but we were the only ones in it. i believe my best friend and i were angry at each other because i was sitting in the seat in the second row on the far right, which was supposed to be for my brother because it had a booster seat (even though he doesn't need one though lol). then, at some point we end up in a different parking lot, but we were leaving. then, we see suga from bts on the sidewalk. somehow we ended up turning around and we go into the building he was heading in to. we walk inside and turn left, and most of bts was over there. except, i can't recognize any of them, so i'm wondering where jimin, suga, j-hope, and rap monster are because i can definitely recognize them the best (suga apparently magically disappeared). in addition to this, i also didn't have a phone with me so i was looking for my best friend so i could use her phone to take a selfie with somebody from bts. then, somehow dinobunnies was there and we started being excited and wondering if j-hope would come. i forget what happened next, but then at some point jimin walks over from the right side of the building. he was apparently on a date with somebody he met online.

i don't know if this was apart of the same dream or not, but i went on meep wiki and i saw that rapunza made a page telling us about an artbook she made for a friend's birthday. she was also replying to a comment that greenqueen made. rapunza said something about how she was on a road trip and was going [insert number that i forget] miles from her house and she was even going as far as [my city]. i started freaking out because what if i saw her????? but like that wouldn't make sense because i was on the road trip, lol. the end. you could also say no more dream (((((((((((((: