so on the second night there was a 7 year old boy that went missing and there were police cars and sniffer dogs and helicopters and search parties trying to find the lad. they found him at like midnight.

then the next day i was swimming in the sea at tal-y-bont and there was a man screaming help. i was scared af so i just baiscally stared and started pointing at the screaming guy with the kayack. then 2 men went over and helped him. then i sorta watched and made sure the guy was ok. they rang an ambo and while the coast guards and paramedic's were coming there was a small crowd gathering and this woman was gonna give him a drink of coke cos he was exuashted from trying to pull his kayack to the shore but cos he was screaming he was swallowing water and was nearly drowning. so me and my mom ran back over to tell them not to give him a drink even if he was exauhsted or not. but she said "o i am an acute trained nurse." and we just left her to it after we said what we had to say. then the coast guards came over trying to help. then the paramedics came in a buggy thingy and then a helicopter came and he was taken to hospital but i dont know if he was ok. but at least me and mom and my sister were ok.