when your friends put a block of wood in your soup and then start saying things like "Oh she's not going to eat it now" because you personally dislike eating food that was on the disgusting table in the school lunch room

yeah it's definitely great especially when they also throw carrots at each other and take each others backpacks and throw things from inside on the ground ⭐️

oh yes there's also the fantastic time when they keep callng your guy friend your bae and so now you hate talking to him because they're going to make a huge deal out of it even though you never actually told them if you had a crush on him ⭐️

speaking of fun times, there's also the time when your friend tells you about a dream she had but then like a month later you are watching a youtuber's video about a dream ahe had and it just magically happens to be the same dream your friend told you about ⭐️

and we can't forget how they like to judge people when the people they are talking about can probably hear them ⭐️

oh geez i almost forgot to mention the 12/10 time when they always ask you why you have no "normal clothing" because you always wear book, game, music, etc. merch or why you always wear it so then you regret everything you buy and now you don't want to go to buy more just because they won't shut up about it but then you remember that you already regret literally everything you do ⭐️

yesyes don't you love it when they adopt the phrases "cancer", "kill yourself", and the crippling depression meme into their vocabulary ⭐️

when you wear a minecraft shirt and everyone is like ew minecraft, however, mia believes she can make everything better by saying she has minecraft blind boxes ⭐️

is that a dan and phil shirt? jt better not be a dan and phil shirt. unzips jacket to find a dan and phil shirt. seriously?¿??¿¿ ⭐️

part two to the dan and phil shirt: ew why do you watch them ?¿???¿¿¿? their accents are so disgusting how do you even understand them¿??¿???¿¿¿ does an absolutley ridiculous impression of their accents that was basically just utfhfxrsgsgdgdsgds out loud ⭐️

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please feel free to ignore this page because when i'm mad or sad, things tend to get really cringey ⭐️

when i remember some more good times i'll edit this page ⭐️