It was sunset and the sky was a gorgeous purple-pink color. The boy said hello to the girl as the city lights twinkled in the background. The girl had orange hair, and it blew in the wind beautifully. The two were perfect for each other, as they started dating only an hour later.

Sadly, the girl had to leave. After grabbing the boy's phone number, she immediately texted him. He was very handsome, with his brown hair and checkered sweater. She wanted to be with him forever. After almost an hour of texting, the boy announced he was throwing a party. Delighted, the girl told him she would be attending. However, she soon realized that she was unfit to go. She gloomily told him she was unable to make an appearance.

Unexpectedly, the boy was furious. He threatened to break up with her. The girl was scared. Desperately, she told him that she would go if she could, but she couldn't no matter what she did. The boy did not care. He announced that they were done.

The girl, heartbroken, rushed back to the beach. She wandered around, until another boy noticed and asked what was wrong. After several minutes of discussion, the girl could tell that this guy was much better than her previous. She had no idea what she would do with it, but she received his number. The girl was much happier with him, however, everything with a beginning must have an end.

Translation: Taylor Swift1717 joined the beach chatroom. Inside, there were tons of noobs who wanted to date. Tay was one of those noobs. Of course, she agreed when somebody asked to date. They were chatting until the boy wanted to have a party. Taylor couldn't go because she was on mobile, which at the time, did not have rooms. The boy was mad and broke up with her. I actually think that two dudes wanted to date me at once, and I switched to the other guy after the first broke up with me, but I can't remember it very well. Oh well, fun times.