seriously, i want the people on the wiki to be involved in conversations. i want new people to be besties like all of us were over there during the testing thread times. we don’t exactly look very friendly because we always talk elsewhere and that seriously needs to change. yeah, there are people we talk to, but it’s usually just answering questions and it doesn’t last very long. i guess i’d kinda? consider some of the people over there my friends, but the last person from msp wiki that i can definitely call my friend is eclipsa. and when did eclipsa join????? ii don’t even wanna know dyfygubiudtixtitdixt

okay anyways, go respond to the thread PLEASE. i don’t want to be boring over there so talking about msp is better than nothing. besides, maybe some people are afraid to be the first to respond to the big bad “scary” admin’s thread. i try not to be scary but it’s hard if there’s nobody to talk to x_x