So, today, on August 16, I had another Meependale related dream. So, I don't remember the exact details of the dream but here are some things I remember about it:

So, I went on Meep Comp Wikia and noticed that the website had had some major changes.

  • The background of this wiki was all black and it had a dark theme.
  • There were some problems with the chat so Rapunza had created a new page that was basically the backup chat.
  • Despite the fact that the chat supposedly wasn't working, someone (I'm not 100% sure who but I think it was either Absol or Tap) had still managed to successfully join the chat.
  • There was a new and important page that involved casting meepers in different roles or something... I don't really remember the exact details other than that Absol had created the page. I know that at least some of the things there were animals.
  • The new chat page, the actual chat and the casting thing that Absol created were all added to the "Citizens of Meependale" section on the header.

I don't really remember much else.