There was this kid in English being a total idiot and I just sassed him to no end. The kid next to me was continuously like "OHHHHH! BURRRRRN!" every time I said something to this kid. It was fucking funny and it felt so fucking good. x33

Absol: Who said you could sit here?
Kid: Who said you could breathe?
Absol: //smirks Oh.
Kid: Can I use your coursework? It's A* standard and mine is shit...
Absol: No, I need this fucking A* to get on to my Graphics course.
Kid: No you don't, because you want to kill yourself.
Absol: (Wot) You are the last person I would take advise from.
Other kid next to me: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Absol: //smirks
Kid: It's not advice, it's what you should do with your life.
Absol: That's still advice dumbass.
(I can't even remember what was said next but the sassing got so good. Pffft, the kid next to me was like going nuts I swear... Lol. At one point I even whispered to myself "Sass Queen strikes again." Ah my lord... Just too funny.)

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