Right OK so. Everything about the MSP Wiki is pissing me off right now. Literally everything. I don't have the knowledge to do a lot of admin things, and I'm just basically really really struggling with keeping my temper down when I'm over there.

I need a break from it, because it's becoming pretty bad for me to be there right now. I just need some time away from it.
But I don't think I can do that because that leaves Tay as the only admin on the wiki and Tay can't just do everything on her own.
BUT THEN what am I even doing there anyway if I can't even do half the shit I'm supposed to do as an admin??? (deal with NCS articles, the blocking bullshit, probably more bullshit idk about yet)

So yeah I'm desperate for a break from the wiki, it wouldn't be too long and i'd probably still stalk it like a hawk, but I really just need to not have to think about it for a while. Just until I feel a bit less like I'm going to fucking explode at someone (*cough* koko *cough*), because that would not be good for anyone involved at all.

The wiki is in a state as it is and i know y'all need more admins than less atm but I just. Thinking about it is making me want to cry rn so i don't see any other way around this than taking a break for a week or two i guess.