So, I wish I saved the chat log...but basically, the other day Rapunza and I were talking on oW and since the convo was kinda dull, I started saying lyrics from a song (somebody told me by the killers). I said to her: "Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year". Despite how fucking weird that sounds (especially since she knows I'm gay and wouldn't have a girlfriend...we went over that fact later and she still didn't make the connection), she thought I was being serious and was getting all stressed saying how ew boyfriends are and she was ready to fight the person who told me that. LOooool.

...This was funnier in the moment. Cri.


Not all of you were there for this, so I'm gonna explain it: We started talking about Taps username for a brief second and I said something about how she taps maple syrup trees in currently, Rapunza is convinced Tap lives in Canada.


In that chat (2) I also said something about how Tap competes with Bee because Bee sells honey and Tap sells maple syrup...and it had me thinking about how Bee and I said I'd move to Canada and Bee would move to Mexico because we lived way too fucking close to each other....and then I started thinking about some really interesting lore there because it was extremely fitting to our characters...and then Bee became a bandit.
I didn't smooth out all the details, and there is really no use for the lore, so I didn't bother...but my head thought it was funny for a brief moment.

Annnnnd, that's it. All of these things were funnier in my head/in the chats they it's okay if you guys don't get it because my future self will enjoy being reminded of this.