So, there was a part where Harry Potter Folklore (a YouTuber I watch) uploaded a video about a theory that there was actually a fourth Peverell brother (the ones who originally owned the Deathly Hallows) whose Hallow was the Mirror of Erised. The video contained a part where I was explaining some stuff while wearing pajamas and a Slytherin hat. So, then I looked at the description and saw that I was credited like 4 times, with different nickname (Star, PSP, PetStarPlanet and something else that I forgot). I then commented saying that I was basically just saying random nonsense (like the Illuminati theories) and also that I didn't want my face to be seen (I don't even know how Harry Potter Folklore got that footage). Anyway, this part was completely unrelated to most of the dream.

(I never even added the rest. But it was about my family going on a trip and every clock showing a different time.)