Origin of the Tadashi Computer


#Snow2k16's plan for Tadashi Computers

The plan:

Phase 1

Meep Apple.
For far too long this abominable company has tarnished the computer name by selling apples and labeling them as PC's.

Phase 2

Meep current computer regulations.
Meep crews will meet (meep) with other respected computer manufacturers and go over the new manufacturing process.
Each will also be assigned a meep crew to help them while they adjust to these new regulations.

Phase 3

Meep out the old.
School districts and other government facilities will have their equipment replaced with state-of-the-art Tadashi computers. Following this, old software will be slowly disconnected to ensure Tadashi computers are being used to their full potential. Finally, citizens will be compensated for recycling their old hardware so that they may replace it with a Tadashi computer.



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